You provide the dream,
We provide the resources

Flux Makerspace is the premiere community for entrepreneurs, technologists, and technology start-ups. We offer classes, work opportunities and a commmunity of like minded individuals so you can find success.

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Software Development

Learn life-long software development skills and integrate with a community of like minded individuals. We treat our members like entrepreneurs rather than traditional students.

Tech Teams for Hire

Need tech assets built? Need quality web developers? We offer fast, low-cost, high-quality development help on any project you may have.


Thinking like an entrepreneur is integral to successfully leveraging technology. We focus on where the rubber meets the road. Our deep mentorship program and community provide a strong starting foundation.

Interested in joining Flux?

Workshops now available!

Upcoming Workshops

Hack Night

Every Thursday from 7-9pm

Every week Flux gets together to hack on ideas. If you are a technologist, entrepreneur software engineer or just want to learn more, come join our virtual session.

Our hack nights try to solve real technology problems that people are facing during development. We will see you then! These hack nights are usually held in person but are now virtual until the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided. We apologize as the face-to-face hack nights are much more fun! See you then!

Please register so we know how many people are coming. There is a 5 dollar suggested donation/registration fee, but feel free to stop by free of charge!

Who is Flux for?

Flux Makerspace is a great fit for both beginners and advanced technologists alike. Knowing how to leverage technology is essential to thriving professionally, and we provide the resources you need for a variety of different end goals. Whether your goal is to transition into a career in software development, you have in interest in learning technology, or you want to get your app or business off the ground, Flux is the place for you!

A Technology Center for Everyone

Find community and learn lifelong skills in technology.


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