We provide the resources.
You provide the dream!

Flux Makerspace is a technology center for people of all ages to explore, learn, and engage with technology. We provide budding entrepreneurs and technologists with the resources to bring their vision into reality.

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Software Development

Learn software skills from scratch. We treat our members like entrepreneurs rather than traditional students. In other words, you get as much as you put in.

Hardware Development

Starting with the basics, we provide the tools and resources you need to create on your own. Members will have full-access to our 3D printers and laser cutters to bring their hardware creations to life.


Thinking like an entrepreneur is integral to successfully leveraging technology. We focus on where the rubber meets the road. Our deep mentorship program and community provide a strong starting foundation.

Interested in joining Flux?

Workshops now available!

Upcoming Workshops

Front/Backend Development I @ Flux Makerspace

Tuesday, January 8th 7pm- January 31st 9pm


Come join us for a hands on workshop to learn the basics of front-end and back-end development. After this class you will be able to create your own complex web applications, help others build websites, and gain lifelong skills in technology. With this class, you should be able to make and maintain web applications on your own. This is a beginners level course and should be well suited for anyone with or without a hobbyists interest in software development.

Topics Covered:
- Python/Django
- Git
- HTML / CSS / Javascript
- Databasing
- Software development best practices

Equipment Needed: Computers will be provided. If you want to work on your own laptop it must be a mac or linux computer.

Instructor: Kevin Wojton

Dates: Jan 8th-31st on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7-9pm for a total of 8 classes (if you are unable to attend a few classes the instructor can arrange catch up sessions)

Location: Franklin Circle Church (1688 Fulton Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113)

Scholarships available: please contact the instructor at kevin@fluxmakerspace.com to get scholarship application details.

Who is Flux for?

Flux Makerspace is a great fit for both beginners and intermediate technologists. Knowing how to leverage technology is essential to thriving professionally, and we provide the resources you need for a variety of different end goals. Whether your goal is to transition into a career in software development, you have in interest in learning technology, or you want to get your app or business off the ground, Flux is the place for you!

A Technology Center for Everyone

Find community and learn lifelong skills in technology.