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*Please note that the teacher may reserve the right to postpone the class one month if the class has less than 10 registrations. In the event that the class does get postpone, registered members are entitled to reimbursement if they can not attend the class.

Driving Website Traffic & Conversions: Digital Marketing & Analytics Workshop

Come join us for a hands-on digital marketing workshop. Learn how to run cost-effective digital marketing campaigns and precisely measure the results of your efforts. Work through each lesson leveraging your own website or a demo website provided by the instructor. Come with questions on how to best reach your unique website goals and get answers. The instructor, Nathan David, has over 9 years of experience in this field and has driven results for a range of businesses from Fortune 500 to startup companies.

Topics Covered:
- Overview of Digital Marketing and Analytics
- Google Tag Manager
- Google Analytics
- Conversion tracking
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO, content marketing, local SEO)
- Email Marketing
- Social Marketing
- Paid Search Marketing
- Affiliate Marketing
- Research tools (Google Trends, etc.)

Perfect For:

- Individuals interested in developing digital marketing skills
- Those looking how to capitalize on existing e-commerce digital sales outlets
- Developers looking to understand facebook ads and google ad skills

Equipment Needed: Laptop with WiFi connectivity (contact us if you need a computer and we'll see what we can do)

Instructor: Nathan David

Dates: March 7th-28th 2019 Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7-9pm for a total of 7 classes (if you are unable to attend a few classes the instructor can arrange catch up sessions)

Location: Beauty Shoppe (2529 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113)

Scholarships available: please contact the instructor at to get scholarship application details.


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