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*Please note that the teacher may reserve the right to postpone the class one month if the class has less than 10 registrations. In the event that the class does get postpone, registered members are entitled to reimbursement if they can not attend the class.

Flux 102: Advanced Web Development

This workshop covers advanced concepts in web development. One should only take this class if they know the basics of python, html, css, git, and javascript and who want to take the next step into web development, This course's goal is to fill in any gaps in development you may have but working on production-level web apps. The goal for this workshop is to build the muscle memory of how to develop and troubleshoot quickly. This class is language/framework agnostic and will cover:

- HTML/CSS/ Javascript
- React.js / Javascript
- C# in Unity / Game Development
- Building Web APIs
- Working with AI / Tensorflow
- Django / Python
- Databasing / Postgresql
- Start-up / Business strategy

you will be able to create your own complex web applications, help others build websites, and gain lifelong skills in technology. With this workshop, you should be able to make and maintain web applications on your own.

This class is recommended for people who are serious about becoming a technologist, technology entrepreneur, or individuals interested in getting a job at a start-up or technology company. Flux Makerspace has additional resources to continue learning after the class has concluded including paid software roles and resources for new software technology companies.
Perfect For:

- Entrepreneurs who want to build their complex web application.
- Individuals looking to gain employment in web development.
- Students who are interested in web development.
- Technologists who want to further their skills in web development.
- Developers who want to learn about cutting edge frameworks like django and react.js

Equipment Needed: All you need is a laptop. Macs/linux based systems are preferred, but windows are ok too. If you don't have a laptop, we can provide one for you, just let us know. It is important to bring your own machine so we can make sure you can develop outside of the class.

Instructor: Kevin Wojton. Kevin has spent most of his career working at or running his own startups in New York City, Hong Kong, and Chattanooga, Tn. Kevin is a serial entrepreneur, developer, and community builder. He grew up in Cleveland and returned in 2018 to open Flux Makespace and Cleveland Rocks Climbing Gym in Ohio City. Kevin has a deep background in building technology companies from scratch and there is nothing more he enjoys doing rather than creating meaningful, impact-driven technology start ups. Kevin is excited about pursuing technology that enables the entrepreneurs and provides life long skill sets.

Dates: Oct 10th-31th on Thursday nights from 7-9pm for a total of 4 classes (if you are unable to attend a few classes the instructor can arrange to catch up sessions)

Location: St. John's Episcopal Church Chapel ( 2600, Church Ave W 26th St, Cleveland, OH 44113)

Scholarships are available: please contact the instructor at to get scholarship application details.


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