Our Mission

Flux Makerspace is a non-profit focused on bridging Cleveland's digital divide through coding classes, workforce development and startup support services. At its core, Flux strives to be a community technology ecosystem that provides low cost resources to whomever walks through the door.


Students Taught

In 2019, Flux taught 125 new software developers in classes and workshops. Furthermore, Flux's 2020 online classes are off to a great start with large summmer enrolment dispite the Covid-19 pandemic.


Economic Impact

$730,000 attributed directly to Flux through new job creation, labor employed and value created at partner firms among a few other factors. We hope to increase this twentyfold in the next 5 years.


New Startups

13 new companies were founded at flux. 3 of these startups have made serious revenue with the rest still pre-revenue. Flux supports its startups with mentorship, advice, community and much more.

More Information Coming Soon

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