Flux number one goal is to get technical skills into the hand of entrepenuers. We believe that tech skills translates at worst life long skills in technology, and at best a multi-billion dollar technology company. We work to connect you to the correct resources to help grow your technology skills or business idea into a full fledged concept. Our organization relies heavily on community and collective supports. As such our main resource are group of like minded individuals who are all interested in being involved in exciting technology companies.

  • Low Cost software development courses
  • Part time , code at your own pace paid work
  • Partner program for founder types.
  • Mentorship and guidance.
  • Co-working, coffee, and community.

Python // Javascript

By leveraging cutting edge tech we are able to do more with less time. We specialize in Django and React.js, but welcome any languages.


Flux is full of people like yourself, technologists just waiting to sink their teeth into a potentially big idea.

Experienced Devs

We combine 10-year veterans with new developers to create solutions. The result is magic.


  • 1 month long, 7-9pm, twice a week
  • Low commitment
  • Web development
  • Best way to get involved
  • Scholarship Available
  • django/python/css/html/javascript
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Business Sales

  • Part-time / Full time roles
  • Commission based
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Business development
  • Work w/ Flux companies
  • Ground floor development
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Founder // Technologist

  • Partner to bootstrap your business
  • Entrepenuership Resources
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Business development
  • Funding Assistance
  • Tech Training
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Create your own Role

  • Don't see a role? Make one
  • We support entrepenuers.
  • Contact us with further information
  • Marketing, design, tech all welcome
  • Let us support your passion
  • Tech enthusiasts welcome
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Email us directly at kevin@fluxmakerspace.com


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